Sunday, 24 July 2011

Paris... Yes or No?

This past year has been wonderful.  I learned I love to travel.  I love observing new cultures and seeing new things.  It gives me perspective and allows me to live my life in new ways. So, when a close friend of mine asked me to go to Paris with her, I eagerly agreed. Now, I'm not so sure.

So, I love to travel.  And the thought of a trip to Paris with someone who lived there for 10 months was very appealing.  Until today.  I forgot how much I don't like planning.  For some, planning is almost the best part of the trip.  For me, its overwhelming.  I forgot this minor detail when I agreed to the trip.  There are so many flights to choose from and hotel decisions and the itinerary.  How could I forget about the itinerary?!?

I'll tell you how I forgot.  This past year, I've been traveling solely with TC.  He is my perfect traveling companion.  He takes on all the overwhelming stuff.  He plans the itinerary.  He chooses the lodging.  All I need to do is book my flight from the US to said destination.  He takes away all my Aspie obstacles.  No wonder I love to travel.  He makes it so simple and completely amazing.  I don't have to stress over the planning and once I get there, I can just do my thing... observe and soak it all in.

Traveling with someone new is way outside my comfort zone and will probably be good for me.  Actually, I know it will be good for me.  I'm trying to be realistic.  I mean, TC can't travel with me everywhere - can he?  I'll get through it.  Even if she refuses to fly non-direct flights.  Even if she suggested we stay in a Holiday Inn in Paris.  Who am I to judge?

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