Thursday, 15 September 2011

Another Business Trip to Delhi

Today my boss asked me if I would go to Delhi.  A year ago, I would have jumped up and down and screamed yes.  Today, I have different feelings.  Business trips to Delhi are no longer appealing to me, even when I consider the company footing the bill for airfare. 

My first business trip to Delhi was a fabulous experience.  I work for a Fortune 500 company and they took care of EVERYTHING.  I flew business class and once I arrived, there was a driver, Vijay, with a sign waiting for me.  I got into his car and he gave me a cell phone.  There were numbers already programmed into the cell phone and I was able to get in contact with my co-workers immediately.  Vijay then whisked me away to my lodging - a corporate penthouse apartment.  Once at the apartment, I was greeted by Gulam, my own personal cook.  Seriously... could this get any better?!!?

I stayed in Delhi for 10 days and every day was an adventure.  I woke up each morning to find breakfast waiting for me - usually Aloo Paratha, Yum!  After breakfast, Vijay would take me to a new Delhi destination.  First day was the Lotus Temple, second day was Dilli Haat, third day Qutub Minar - you get the picture.  After seeing one or two sights, Vijay would take me back to my room so I could get ready for work.  Working hours were 2pm to 10pm.  When I arrived at my room, Gulam had lunch already prepared and also packed me a dinner for the office.  Honestly, I wanted to live like that forever!

That was a year ago.  Now my business trips to Delhi are not nearly as exciting.  Yes, I still fly business class and Vijay meets me at the Delhi airport.  Gulam still greets me at the apartment and tends to my every need.  The problem is that I long to explore new places and things.  My company keeps me under tight security and all the places and people I want to see are not on the "approved" list.  I've visited everything on the approved list - and I want to see more.  It seems such a waste.  I'd love to tack on a few extra days to my business trip and go for a weekend in Jaipur or an overnight visit to Agra.  Unfortunately, all of these are off limits and considered unsafe when I'm there on business.  

So here I sit.  I long to explore India.  But on my own terms.

No more business trips to Delhi where I end up visiting every mall in Gurgaon and trolling facebook for old boyfriends with Gulam.  Its time for me to explore India on my own.  Hmmm.... I feel my spirits picking up already! 

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