Sunday, 22 April 2012


I was having a conversation with WB today when the topic of knocking came up.  WB couldn't believe that someone didn't knock before coming into his office.  And that got me thinking.  What is the social norm around knocking?  I started asking him questions.  And before I knew it, WB was frustrated and irritated with me.

It was incomprehensible to WB that I didn't know the social norms around knocking.  The more questions I asked him, the more irritated he became.  While I was able to glean some of the social norms around knocking, the conversation left me frustrated.

In talking to him later about the conversation, he felt that I was questioning his behavior and trying to prove him wrong.  When in fact, I was trying to understand knocking scenarios, so that I could personally exhibit the behavior appropriately.

Its a confusing thing for me.  I wish I could explain my intent without others being frustrated with me.  I've often received the comment, "you are difficult friend, but worth it."  I can't even begin to understand what that means.

As for the knocking - I think I understand.  When approaching someone's home, you knock and wait for the person to answer.  If they don't, you leave the home.  At your own home, you knock on bedroom doors and bathroom doors when they are closed.  After you knock, you should wait a few seconds for a response. In the office (at least my office), you knock and then immediately open the door.  The person will either wave you in or have you wait a few more minutes. 

So many rules to memorize and just about knocking.  I think its time I took a nap.  I definitely know how to do that!

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